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Gallery and Photo Posting Rules


Staff member
Looking to post photos in the Gallery. Here's a few rules to keep in mind:
  1. Please keep the photos you post in the Gallery categories about jockstraps!<br><br>
  2. There are a few non-jockstrap categories but try to keep posts to those categories to a minimum. This is a jockstrap themed website and that's what has brought us all here.
  3. Photos in the Gallery have to be photos of yourself (selfies).
  4. You can post nude and non-jockstrap photos but only in your Personal Albums. Personal Albums are there to enhance your Profile pages and let other guys know what you look like and are into.
  5. Don't worry, photos you post to your Personal Albums will still show up on the main Gallery page, just not in the Categories.
  6. Jockstrap photos you've found on the Internet CAN be posted in a Personal Album but please mention in the description that these are "Internet Photos"
  7. Take a minute to like, rate and comment on the photos in the Gallery. It'll encourage them to post more!<br><br>
For detailed instructions how how to post photos to both the Gallery and Personal Albums check out the FAQ here:


Sukhi Bombil

Jockstrap Fan
How do I tag these photos


  • thumbnail (1).jpg
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    thumbnail (2).jpg
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Staff member
How do I tag these photos

Are you wondering "what" to tag those photos or "how" to tag those photos.

If you're posting those photos somewhere, then you use keywords to tag them. You type a word then hit the comma key "," to enter the tag.

As to "what" to tag them, you just need to describe them with keywords. It's hard to tell if it's a jockstrap, thong, or bikini brief but if it is indeed a jockstrap then I would tag it as "jockstrap" "pink" "cock" "exposed" and to enter it in the tag list of a post I would type:

jockstrap,pink,cock,exposed, (as mentioned above, the comma enters each tag so the comma at the end is important).

Just as a reminder. This site's main focus is jockstraps. Please don't post too many photos of you in underwear that are not jockstraps. Regular underwear doesn't belong in the main Gallery but you can post it to a personal album.

For more help on how to post to the Gallery and to a Personal Album as well as what to post to each - please read our extensive FAQ section - it's all covered there. The FAQ page is a link from the main menu or you can go directly to it by following this link:




Jockstrap Fan
Thank you for the reminder regarding posting of photos. I re-evaluated some of my posts an did'nt realize how off topic they were getting. I need to stay focused.... I sem to be focusing less on the Joclstrap and more on the content inside. Focusing seems to be a bit difficult for me these days. But working thru it. Have a safe and healthy New Year! Luv Ya!
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