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Dealing with Spammers


Staff member
Just heads up. Spammers are getting through the registration process and using bots to send spam messages through the Conversation system. The Conversation messages are all the same - some girl inviting you to have fun and asking you to click a link. (Barking up the wrong tree for most guys on here!)

If you get one of these messages, ignore it, don't click the link and use the report button to let me know about it.

I'm experimenting with a few spam prevention addons for the site but so far they're not working but I've been able to ban the spammers before they're able to do anything.

If you see members viewing your profile or in the members list with their username crossed out, that's one of the spammers. I've banning them rather than deleting them as deleting them just seems to encourage them to quickly create a new account. Banning them means the account stays in the system but they're not able to do anything.

I'm sure there will be a solution soon as many sites running Xenforo (the software that runs this site) are also being hit so the programmers and addon creators will be on it.