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  1. Jocked_Jim

    Jockstraps & urinals: uniquely male

  2. C

    Teaching PE (particularly as a student teacher) wasn't all that fun.

    This is not really a jockstrap story, but since many of you have posted that your introduction to jocks was in school Phys Ed class I'll share this essay on how teaching PE to classes, especially large classes was often an impossible task. Note that this school had PE scheduled for every class...
  3. Jocklines

    Selling used jockstraps

    Been doing it for a while now. Jockmail, classic and some others. Love getting them really used up for buyers so they can sniff my scent in the jockstrap. Message me directly to enquire,
  4. Suspensory Jockstrap

    Preference for wearing jockstraps as underwear

    Hey guys! I no longer own or wear any type of standard basic underwear -- No boxers, no boxer-briefs, no tightie whitie cotton briefs, or any other type of standard underwear of that style. I much prefer wearing my jockstraps, suspensory jocks, or my swimming briefs made from a combination of...
  5. W

    Enemas & Jockstraps

    Just wondering, has anyone experienced receiving an enema while sporting a jockstrap. Either from a hose, or something else.
  6. Jockstrapguy

    Photos: Windom Gold in our new Male Power harnesses

    Here's some of my favorite photos of our new model Windom Gold in our brand new Male Power Leather Harnesses we launched earlier today. Get them here: Male Power at Jockstrap Central
  7. Jockstrapguy

    JC Athletic Website Officially Launched

    When we launched our brand JC Athletic back in 2017 we had a simple one page website and one style of jockstraps - the JC Athletic Classic Jockstrap. Well, now that we have two styles of jocks, two styles of shorts as well as track pants we felt it was time to take JC Athletic to the next...
  8. Jockstrapguy

    The Big One is Here: Black Friday at Jockstrap Central

    Our biggest sale of the year is here! Forget battling the lines and putting yourself at risk just for a deal this coming Friday, shop safely online during the Jockstrap Central Black Friday Sale. From now until Sunday, November 27th, everything is on sale for 15% to 80% off. The only exception...
  9. G

    Rams - Cardinals on Sunday November 13

    Was watching this game at a sports bar yesterday. Was very happy to see that both quarterbacks - Colt McCoy and John Wolford were jocked and showing off their very visitible leg straps to all of us watching. Here are a few pics that I found on the Rams gameday photos site. Wolford's jock...
  10. Jockstrap-Cheeks87

    Pornstars in Jockstraps

    So in this thread post who ever is your favourite pornstar in a jockstrap, it can be a picture of them posing alone or with another performer or can even be from a scene in the movie. Also include only a bit of detail like name of performers and movie. Also it might help others to find scenes...
  11. Jockstrapper44

    Jocks for sale- Great condition- BIKE- Cups

    DM for info and offers please. Looking to offload some jocks and cups. Used: LARGE- Gym brand Bike style with about 4 loads in it. The rest are clean: LARGE- The blue striped one is a sock material so it will hold tons of cum, sweat, piss, you name it. It’s a really good quality jock. LARGE-...
  12. Jockstrapper44

    Nearly perfect scene

    Very lucky bottom with a hot thick cock. I love how the bottom keeps his jock on the whole time. If they were wearing knee socks this would be the perfect scene lol. Still made me bust so hard!
  13. Jockstrapguy

    Good Boys Gone Bad Down and Dirty Sale

    GOOD BOYS GONE BAD DOWN AND DIRTY SALE - 20% to 30% OFF You may not know it, but GBGB stands for Good Boys Gone Bad. This, of course, will all make sense when you see our full GBGB lineup of sexy modern sports jocks, see-through fishnet and sheer mesh jocks, full-frontal jocks and medical...
  14. Jockstrapguy

    Jockstrap Central 17 Year Anniversary Sale

    17 YEAR ANNIVERSARY SALE - UP TO 75% OFF STORE WIDE It's hard to believe that we've been jockstrapping and gearing up the world for 17 years! We officially launched Jockstrap Central on...
  15. O

    Losing your lucky jock? A disaster

    This isn't technically a jock: I have had a white CK sports brief with a red line around the waistband for countless years. (20? 30?) Now I can't find it. It's my equivalent of a lucky jockstrap and now it's missing. What can I do? Anybody else out there lost a lucky jockstrap/brief?
  16. fubarnd

    Why didn't I join Karate?

  17. IMG_20220820_160126485.jpg


    Drying in the sun.
  18. Jockstrapguy

    Back to School Sale - up to 70% off store wide at Jockstrap Central

    BACK TO SCHOOL SALE - UP TO 70% OFF EVERYTHING STORE WIDE Freshen up your jock and gear collection, the school of hard knocks jocks is almost in session...
  19. easlgrundle

    Hang Dry

    Or is that *hung* dry? Any pictures or stories to share about drying jockstraps? or shared laundry? I tend to wash jocks with everything else for sanitation and then separate them out to hang dry for some amount of elastic preservation. I used to do this with all my elastics, underwear...
  20. Jockstrapguy

    Cellblock 13 Restock + Sale

    Hey guys, just a quick post to let you know we not only got a restock on many of our Cellblock 13 lines but all our Cellblock 13 gear is on sale for up to 60% off. I always want to mention that we are discontinuing all 14 core colors of our Cellblock 13 Tight End Jockstrap (to make room for new...