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jack adams

  1. 20210907_215305.jpg


    Red Jack Adams jockstrap
  2. Hanging up to dry, potentially in view of neighbors

    Hanging up to dry, potentially in view of neighbors

    After removing a stain on the side of the pouch, I hung it up to air dry, where neighbors could potentially see it from their back yards.
  3. Jack Faced

    Jack Faced

    Smelling the extent to which the genitals enjoyed their residency
  4. rear view

    rear view

    enjoying the feel of the waistband and the straps
  5. Accentuation Attempt by the strap

    Accentuation Attempt by the strap

    I enjoy the feel of these Jack Adams as they press against my ass cheeks
  6. The side view

    The side view

    The waistband, the strap, the pouch
  7. up close

    up close

    The shot that reveals the sentiments of my genitals, cradled in the Jack Adams
  8. Jack Strapped !

    Jack Strapped !

    Strapped up into the Jack Adams, formerly free genitalia now cradled, while my ass cheeks are feeling the squeeze the tight textury rear straps are giving them
  9. Cock sees jock in view

    Cock sees jock in view

    Now having a hold of the Jack Adams, my legs are about to go in motion to strap up, and cradle the awaiting genitalia
  10. Cock's Anticipation

    Cock's Anticipation

    Newly awake, cock is excited, knowing it was recently bathed, and can now await a nice jockstrap.