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  1. White Pro Jockstrap

    White Pro Jockstrap

  2. Black Pro Jockstrap

    Black Pro Jockstrap

  3. View form down

    View form down

    Allegedly, this was the original cover of the Lorde "sun power" but It was later changed.
  4. 20221129_231137.jpg


    For perverted eyes only 😘
  5. 20221129_231038.jpg


    Tried to do one similar to my nude close up shot only with the Jockstrap on
  6. 20221129_230933.jpg


    More for your perverted eyes 😘
  7. 20221129_230728.jpg


    I know you Dirty Boys can't get enough of me, I caught you staring at my ass😘
  8. 20221129_172759.jpg


    A slightly edited image with more lighting so you can truly see the sexy egg shell texture of my cheeks 😘
  9. rearoftheyear

    Calling all straight guys!

    Hi there guys. I was looking at one of the threads on here about what your partner's think of jockstraps and I was surprised at how many guys were talking about their wives which got me thinking . . . how many of you on here are straight? And for all those straight guys who enjoy wearing jocks...
  10. 3168AE1B-973D-4FF9-82B9-0938275497B9.jpeg


    My see through shorts. I really love how tight they are and how much they show off my round ass
  11. EF3AE963-418D-4161-9F26-2FEA4DC59C6A.jpeg


    My rainbow strapped jock to show off my plump backside. I hope you like!
  12. rearoftheyear

    All comments on my ass welcome!

    So I thought I would share a picture in here. I’m always told my backside is my best ASSet. Do you agree? What comment would you make about my bum?
  13. IMG_5118.jpeg


    JC Pro straps. Someone want to help inspect me?
  14. IMG_5122.jpeg


    Pull those straps, bro
  15. Alpha Charlie Jockstrap

    Alpha Charlie Jockstrap

  16. White Alpha Charlie Jockstrap

    White Alpha Charlie Jockstrap

  17. S

    Thanks for the motivation...

    Thanks for the motivation on every page... I now have a gym membership again (starting December 1st. Gym hasn't opened yet). I need to get my ass to look like this ad. Hopefully I get there.
  18. 464_1000.jpg


  19. 415_1000.jpg


  20. 20221024_050553.jpg