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    Wrestlers wearing jockstraps

    Just came across this on Facebook. Even though they're not jocked, I figured you boys would appreciate it.
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    Can you cum, if you wearing jockstrap and not touching yourself during sex?

    I haven't been fucked while wearing a jockstrap (unfortunately), but I have been fucked hard. I don't touch myself (Im of the belief that the bottom should only do so if told by the top), but I usually do cum just from being penetrated.
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    Comment by 'ScottTheJockGuy' in media '20221223_204958.jpg'

    2 things. 1) meet guys who are also into jockstraps, and develop some friendships with real comradery 2) find a straight guy who decides to take his sexual frustrations from his girlfriend out on my throat and ass
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    Comment by 'ScottTheJockGuy' in media '20221223_205211.jpg'

    I am. Together for 7 years, married for 2.
  5. Cock


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    How many of you still have your first jock?

    What an amazing jockstrap
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    New swim jockstrap from Bike

    Glad to hear that before I spend a decent amount of money on a new one from Bike
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    Where to buy used gear

    I mean I'd love that, but I need a full uniform for football and baseball. Wife finally started opening up about her fantasies, and she wants to be railed by a football player...
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    Where to buy used gear

    That would be a damn quick way to make a fortune.
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    Happy Holidays!

    Happy holidays