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    Jeans with jocks photos

    Well said about being in charge of the zipper! That’s a word of warning for anyone new to wearing jockstraps and in particular, fetish straps with front zippers. Be very wary of cheap imports or cut-price websites; no zipper covering can mean serious pain if you or your fuck buddy suddenly pulls...
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    Sex in a Jockstrap

    What turned me on was watching the bottom tracing the outline of the top’s cock underneath his jockstrap, as well as seeing a tantalising glimpse of the bottom’s hard cock beneath his jockstrap when he’s first being fucked on his back on the bench. Thanks for that.😛😋
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    Vintage Photos of guys in Vintage Jocks

    I wouldn’t mind a ride on the biker’s pillion…
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    Vintage Photos of guys in Vintage Jocks

    I’m not too sure about the guy in the cage/box. It reminds me either of some 1950s sci-fi B movie (think Roger Corman/Edward D Wood) or a photograph of a totalitarian state’s experiments in eugenics.
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    What’s jock pics make you want to grab your meat

    Would that could be me being fucked…😛
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    What "triggered" your interest in jockstraps?

    Ahhh. Hoist: sadly missed☹️ Dressed in a leather jock, waistcoat and chaps, I rarely failed to have fun there in its heyday…😋😛 I’ve also worn jockstraps in The Vault off Fitzrovia and The Underground near Kings X and had fun in those two clubs as well.
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    Vintage Photos of guys in Vintage Jocks

    He wouldn’t even have to ask if I’d like him to fuck me. A beautiful rock-hard cock, a lovely body and a great face. What more do I need to say, except ‘Thank you’ after he had cum?
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    What’s jock pics make you want to grab your meat

    I wish that I was that bottom.😛 What looks to be a very nice sized cock would give my arse that lovely tingly feeling for at least a day afterwards. I’d certainly sleep well afterwards because if there’s one thing better than the sleep of the just it’s the sleep of the just after!😀
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    Condoms and Jocks

    I wish that it was mine.😍
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    Vintage Photos of guys in Vintage Jocks

    Gently teasing the tip and running my tongue round the small hole, tasting the pre-cum before opening my mouth wider and slowly sliding my tongue down the bottom of his shaft while letting my lips deliver a velvety caress to the top…😛😋 Bliss.
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    What else are you into?

    If ever I’m in Brum with time to spare I’ll look you up…😛
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    Vintage Photos of guys in Vintage Jocks

    https://bulgingjockstraps.com/page/8/ I didn’t find the video, but I found a website called Bulging Jockstraps instead. If something there doesn’t get your pulse racing, then nothing wil…😛
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    What else are you into?

    Ahh! I used to have something similar, but found it too uncomfortable for extended wearing. As I’m a total bottom, It also made casual meet-up fucks difficult. i prefer a butt plug plus separate cockring. 😋
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    Where to buy used gear

    This isn’t so much buying used gear, but does anyone know where/if I can get a replacement white Go Softwear Jockstrap with the removable cod piece? Mine got ripped beyond repair by an over-enthusiastic top recently and Go Softwear seem to have discontinued them.☹️
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    What else are you into?

    Is it the same as a butt plug or vibrating butt plug?
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    Comment by 'engjock' in media 'champion edited short 3 gif.gif'

    Talk about a Happy New Year. I’d have been extremely happy tasting that load. I wouldn’t have wasted a drop and I’d have licked the pouch clean. 😋
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    Comment by 'engjock' in media 'IMG_0832'

    There aren’t enough stars to give this proper justice. I would love to taste that pre-cum…😋
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    Welcome to the new Your Jockstraps

    Thank, John As I still think of ball point pens as cutting edge technology, far be it from me to criticise your IT skills!
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    Welcome to the new Your Jockstraps

    Hi is it me, or is there a bug that needs fixing? Hi John, Is it me or is it a bug that needs fixing? As per your advice in point#6 I tapped on the Privacy Settings hyper-link. Instead of going to my Privacy settings I was diverted to the My Swimwear and Underwear site and was logged out of...
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    Hi billTO. I’ve taken a leaf out of Tim Minchin’s (the Aussie comedian and musician) philosophy on life. I’ve never been fixated on a career plan or path and therefore have been able to step into something completely different. For anyone who’s never seen his 9 step life plan, the YouTube link’s...