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  1. doreanse

    Another UK fan

    I've been a member for a few weeks now, so thought I should post on here. Like many others, my interest in jockstraps started at grammar (selective 11-18) school. The timetable gave two periods of PE every week, and a double one for games. When we started, we were told we had to wear our...
  2. doreanse

    New additions

    The postman came yesterday - and see what he brought. :)
  3. doreanse

    Buying jockstraps in real life

    One day, several years ago (pre-internet!), I decided I needed a new jockstrap, so I went to a local sportswear shop.* After wandering round the shop, I eventually found them, hanging on a display with other small items behind the cask-desk. Only way was to ask for one, so ... Young guy (early...