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  1. doreanse

    In between sizes advice.

    Sizing is a probelm, as it does vary so much between makers. Here are some of mine, all Large - except the Jock Mail (army green) which is XL. 🤔
  2. doreanse

    Another UK fan

    I've been a member for a few weeks now, so thought I should post on here. Like many others, my interest in jockstraps started at grammar (selective 11-18) school. The timetable gave two periods of PE every week, and a double one for games. When we started, we were told we had to wear our...
  3. doreanse

    New additions

    Yes, it is rather good. Fits well.
  4. doreanse

    New additions

    Your wish is ...
  5. doreanse

    Buying jockstraps in real life

    I went in the other day just to see, and there are no jockstraps on sale there at all. I didn't bother to ask a sales assistant if they had any, as it was quite busy.
  6. doreanse

    New additions

    The postman came yesterday - and see what he brought. :)
  7. doreanse

    What jockstrap did you wear today?

    Today I shall be mostly wearing my Alpha Charlie rainbow jock, as it is Pride day. Not that anyone will see it (well, not unless I decide to show them), but I shall know it's there! (Now just choosing which shorts to wear over it.)
  8. doreanse

    Jockstrap "cleanliness"

    I'd vote for nice clean ones also. I know it's horses for courses, and that some guys do get off on filthy stained jocks, but I'm not one!
  9. alpha charlie rainbow side view

    alpha charlie rainbow side view

  10. Champion white side view

    Champion white side view

  11. doreanse

    How many of you still have your first jock?

    Alas, no. I can't even recall what brand it was - but it was white. The waistband went, and I replaced it with some ordinary elastic, but it was not the same. I think it got junked eventually.
  12. doreanse

    Comment by 'doreanse' in media 'all.jpg'

    A far cry from the old days when it was 'Any colour you like, so long as it's white'! :ROFLMAO:
  13. doreanse

    Comment by 'doreanse' in media 'safe-t-gard.jpg'

    I got these from ebay several years ago. A guy was having a clearance sale, and this was a job lot. I'm not a great fan of the narrow band, but nice to have some anyway!
  14. doreanse

    Comment by 'doreanse' in media 'Out for a breather ...'

    Why, thank you.
  15. doreanse

    Buying jockstraps in real life

    One day, several years ago (pre-internet!), I decided I needed a new jockstrap, so I went to a local sportswear shop.* After wandering round the shop, I eventually found them, hanging on a display with other small items behind the cask-desk. Only way was to ask for one, so ... Young guy (early...
  16. doreanse

    Comment by 'doreanse' in media 'image.jpg'

    I love my Champion. Shows off the outline so well.
  17. doreanse

    Comment by 'doreanse' in media 'all.jpg'

    Maybe that will be my next purchase. Specially as the CellBlock 13 ones are on offer ...
  18. doreanse

    Comment by 'doreanse' in media 'me in alpha charlie rainbow/pride jock'

    Not so good these days, alas.
  19. doreanse

    Comment by 'doreanse' in media 'Champion white'

    Yes, it's very good for that!
  20. doreanse

    Comment by 'doreanse' in media 'safe-t-gard.jpg'

    The colours are what was supplied by the vendor! (The red one looks a little too brownish.)