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    Underwear ads

    Some things are timeless.
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    Wrestlers wearing jockstraps

    Yummy Brands has purchased this man...
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    Wrestlers wearing jockstraps

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    Where should cum go?

    I'll take all those categories for $1,000 Alex...
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    Better than porn...

    So I guess 33 is a good year for both of us!
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    Better than porn...

    I could not agree more, but I am 33 so you beat me by a few years. But either way, I'm over it.
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    Better than porn...

    I've posted before about how grateful I am Your Jockstraps (YJ) exists. This is just my humble opinion, but I get turned on so much more reading the stories and seeing guys in their jockstraps (or whatever, if anything they are wearing) than watching porn. I was talking with a couple of guys...
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    Nice shots there Zathrus, especially the one with the precum. And I agree with the guy above. You have a great rear end.
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    My plumbing works well, especially when I am hydrated. If I am really turned on, the precum doesn't stop flowing. At first only a bead will come out and I'll massage the underside of my cock head with it. Then the stuff really gets flowing. I fricken love being a male with a penis. And I don't...
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    Losing your lucky jock? A disaster

    I had a favorite pair of underwear that another guy at school (Geoff) gave to me. He knew I had a crush on him and one day he handed me a pair of his boxers he had just changed out of after gym class. He smiled and told me not to get too carried away with them when I got home. I couldn't wait...
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    Comment by 'CTJoe' in album 'Jockstrap Central model Jack'

    It's hard to blame you for being unprofessional with him. Granted, I know nothing of his personality, but with a handsome smile like that anyone would get weak in the knees. He has a nice penis too.
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    Vintage Photos of guys in Vintage Jocks

    Does anyone remember the scene in Steel Magnolias where Oiser is with Clairee in the men's locker room? Not only do you get beautiful shots of delicious ass, but it is downright hysterical. Oiser has her compact mirror out checking out the goods right before she tells Clairee "SHUT UP!..."...
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    Footballers Jockstrap Sightings

    Not in my bedroom!
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    Footballers Jockstrap Sightings

    An ass framed by the straps of a jock is just a beautiful thing. They function the same for a gay dude as the reflective stripes on a runway for a pilot..."land that baby here..."
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    Underwear ads

    I can sure see why!
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    Nike Jocks

    Looks good all around...
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    What jockstrap did you wear today?

    Damn! What can I say? Thanks and what a view!
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    Hi Folks! From BC Canada

    No problem. You have a very nice gallery there by the way.
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    Hi Folks! From BC Canada

    Welcome aboard!
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    Portland Oregon jock fan

    Welcome aboard friend, albeit, I am quite a ways from Portland! You will not regret joining this wonderful fellowship!