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    Younger Generation Wearing Jocks?

    I'm 27 and I wear a jock everytime I workout. I like weight lifting and grappling and a jock does the best job of firmly cupping my balls. I've tried compression shorts but they just crush my manhood. A jock really is the ideal support for a man's scrotum and penis especially during physical...
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    US Military Jockstraps: My attempted chronology:

    Anyone know where I could buy a BUB jock or whatever it's equivalent (if such a jock is made today) might be?
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    Chap 1 - heavy lifting

    You should write one that follows Mark's perspective during this. That would be really fun.
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    Marine Antics in a Locker Room

    Damn I wish I could've been there. I'd have chatted you guys up. Hell I woulda stripped down myself and asked you guys if you wanted to hit the sauna and keep talking. Good conversations while getting a good sweat and being naked with some good dudes. It's good for the mind when you can be...