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  1. JDub49265

    Be an athletic supporter!

    Sunday happenings...
  2. JDub49265

    Be an athletic supporter!

    If you're not going to be an athlete then why not be an athletic supporter?
  3. JDub49265

    Photo Contest #1 - Win prizes!

    Wow now that's one beautiful ass! ;-p
  4. JDub49265

    The 'Original Banana Cup' needed.

    I'm looking for an Original Banana Cup that no one wants and is willing to send it to me. They were made during the late 80s and 90s. Don't care what size. Just the cup and the actual OBC strap, not a Bike cup strap for instance.
  5. JDub49265

    Sex in a Jockstrap

    I wore a Bike #10 when I fucked a dude when I was 19 or 20. When I dropped my pants he said "Oh you're wearing a jockstrap how nice". But to me it seemed like he said it in a sort-of sarcastic way. But I fucked him anyway. And I had mad passionate sex many times with a Navajo fuck buddy of mine...
  6. JDub49265

    Ball weight and jockstrap

    Yes I do. Got them on right this minute as a matter of fact. They're successfully making my nutsack hang lower.
  7. JDub49265

    Ball weight and jockstrap

    I've been wearing Oxballs 'Hump X' silicone rings almost continusly 24/7 for about 6 months now. But haven't added wearing a jockstrap with it. I need to keep my rings hanging a little more loose that what a jock would provide.
  8. JDub49265

    Stealing jockstraps

    Yup. I took a few cups from the hs football team locker room and a few from hockey bags that were in the locker room without anyone there. Looking back on it yes I was a complete jerk for doing it. I mean, the guys *needed* those cups and I took them from those guys. I'm sure they were cool...
  9. JDub49265

    Baseball uniforms and jockstraps

    Yeah same here. There were several baseball diamonds and an in-line hockey rink right next to each other so I made it a point to go there every Sunday evening and take in the view of all the softball players sporting cups. The in-line hockey players were tougher to get a good view of their cups...
  10. JDub49265

    My jock-wearing buddy poses for cash.

    Have you ever wondered what would happen if you offered the kid next door some cash to pose in his dirty jockstrap one day after he gets home from baseball practice? Well, after weeks of trying to gather my courage enough to ask, I finally did. Rob and I have lived next door to each other for...
  11. JDub49265

    How old were you when you started to wear a jock

    I got my first cup jocks for pee wee and squirt rec league hockey. Never really crossed my mind that there was anything erotic or sexual about them at all. They were nothing more than a protective piece of equipment. Then mom n dad got divorced and being on a hockey team was really expensive and...
  12. JDub49265

    Jockstrap Fiction?

    Oh! I failed to read the entire description correctly. My bad. I'll be happy to add a few bits of fiction I typed out in that forum.
  13. JDub49265

    Jockstraps in the Dugout

    It was hardly the championship game or anything, but when I got called 'OUT!' by the home plate umpire, I was furious! Sure, it was the final out of just another hum-drum softball game featuring a bunch of half drunk guys sporting shirts with logos from assorted bars and car parts shops from...
  14. JDub49265

    Jockstrap Fiction?

    I know there's a 'true jockstrap stories' page here so I am curious to find out if there will be a 'Jockstrap Fiction' page here any time soon?
  15. JDub49265

    What is Your Favorite Jockstrap (and why?)

    My favorite jockstraps and cups are all from the 70s and 80s. Bike, McDavid, Winwell, Protex and a few others. I was in football and hockey so all I ever got were the typical sports-type straps. I never got into the stylish fancy jocks; in fact I don't think they weren't even around at that...
  16. JDub49265

    Custom Jocks

    Those are great looking jocks actually.