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  1. jockstrapbud1


    Message me with your number or for my number if you're into hot phonebone while wearing a Jockstrap. Very discreet, anytime day or night
  2. jockstrapbud1

    Jockstraps and Toys

    Do any of you wear a jockstrap while working your ass with a toy? I have a Lovense Edge 2 prostate massager I like to use while wearing a jock. Other guys can take control via an app on their smartphone and send different patterns to massage my prostate... often shoot a load in my jock while...
  3. jockstrapbud1

    Phone bone with other strappers

    Hi John... Would it be possible for you to create a Forum "Phone fun with other strappers" (or something to that effect) to talk to other guys on the phone about wearing jockstraps? A place to post a telephone number and information so guys can call. Thanks!
  4. jockstrapbud1

    RAW tops in Palm Bay, FL

    Jocked RAW top men in Palm Bay FL for hook up or into hot phone bone. Message me
  5. jockstrapbud1


    Love to swap jocks for a week or two with a buddy and add our fluids then send them back to huff and chew on during a hot j/o session