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  1. StrappedMan

    Comment by 'StrappedMan' in media '074C0BAE-A3ED-483D-9104-950ADFB3B3B7.jpeg'

    The color orange is so great for a jock, very masculine and attention grabbing. Or maybe it’s that beautiful slab of meat and full sack that’s grabbing my attention. I guess I’ll have to keeping staring at this pic to figure it out!
  2. StrappedMan

    Comment by 'StrappedMan' in media 'DE2321B5-FF13-4EC6-A431-749EECA1C3CB.jpeg'

    I’ll get in line for some of that! 😜
  3. StrappedMan

    The Renter

    The Renter – Part One The summer I was home from my first year of college I found out that my stepfather had rented out one of the spare rooms in our house to make extra money. A guy named Dan had moved in. I didn’t see too much of him during the week and on the weekends he was usually out...
  4. StrappedMan

    Updated Rules about Posting Photos

    Maybe there should be a punishment for not following the rules. Like getting spanked - never mind that probably wouldn’t work 😜
  5. StrappedMan

    Comment by 'StrappedMan' in media '7DF1A15D-8414-4C48-9DFF-1282C2BC37E7.jpeg'

    I like a guy with a big appetite!
  6. StrappedMan

    Comment by 'StrappedMan' in media 'Jockstrap Central model Andrew in a Nasty Pig Core Jockstrap in orange'

    Those orange straps and waistband really show off Andrew’s muscular ass. Also I like how he is glancing over his shoulder - he knows we are looking - and he likes it 😜
  7. StrappedMan

    Comment by 'StrappedMan' in media 'Jockstrap Central model Andrew in a Cellblock 13 Rogue Jockstrap in orange'

    That is one sexy jock and harness. Andrew is hot AF!
  8. StrappedMan

    Comment by 'StrappedMan' in media '20211021_115427.jpg'

    Hot pic of your hard cock and love the worn jock straps hanging down. Great to see a well used jock.
  9. StrappedMan

    Jock historian

    What a great photo. That jock looks really cool and classy in a retro way. I’d love to get my hands on one of those.
  10. StrappedMan

    Comment by 'StrappedMan' in media 'Ripe TruFit'

    Glorious side view. That dark gap between jock and leg is so enticing!
  11. StrappedMan

    Comment by 'StrappedMan' in media 'jock mouth.jpg'

    Very erotic image. I love how the color of your beard and stache blend with your raunchy jock. 😜
  12. StrappedMan

    What kind of underwear do you wear?

    I prefer boxer briefs with a button fly. They are hard to find though. I used to like the Calvin Klein boxer briefs I bought 15 years ago but the elastic is starting to go on them - I guess they can’t last forever.
  13. StrappedMan

    Poll: Are You Top? Bottom? or Versatile?

    I would say that foreplay can be the destination. One of my most pleasurable sexual encounters did not involve anal or oral sex. The main activity was kissing while we embraced. But the kissing was nothing I had ever experienced before. While grinding our bodies together we explored each...
  14. StrappedMan

    Comment by 'StrappedMan' in media 'vintage-litesome-advertising-man-alive.jpg'

    The illustration of the guy looks like he’s from the 50’s. I can see him smoozing with the guys at work, giving his secretary a flirty, I’m a man of my time, smack on her rear, then going home, stripping down to his jock, pouring a cocktail and chain smoking while he furiously masturbates over...
  15. StrappedMan

    Comment by 'StrappedMan' in media 'woods007'

    I would expect to see a bear ass in the woods but I much prefer a bare ass 😜
  16. StrappedMan

    McKillop Ice Shorts

    Trying to figure out what looks best - shorts with or without jock?
  17. StrappedMan

    How old is vintage?

    Is this thing classic? It’s a Tactics cock sock/sling thing I bought in the early to mid 90’s.
  18. StrappedMan

    Fluorescent….moulded to my body

    Can even see the vein in your cock outlined in the neon, that will get you noticed.
  19. StrappedMan


    What are the contest rules? I’m pretty good at jacking off so I’m going to show you some “stiff” competition!
  20. StrappedMan

    Comment by 'StrappedMan' in media 'J&J Listers No. 4 A&N Suspensory 1932.jpg'

    I love the line, “provides minimum mobility for the testicles.” Keep those boys in place!