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    Grooming You Package

    I have little hair on my chest and stomach, so I started shaving them when I started shaving my cock and balls. I only left the small bush of hair between my nipples.
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    Probably been posted before. Two boys in LL were sitting on the grass hitting each other's cups with a bat. Won the prize for that episode.
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    Jockstrap at Work

    Beat you to it...pissed outside this morning when I let the dog out to do the same. Just a warning for your yard, piss in different places, the urea (?) is good in small doses, but peeing often in the same spot could damage the grass.
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    Champion jock-brief

    I had two or three years and years ago. They finally wore out, but I wasn't into collecting.
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    Gym/steam room etiquette

    It's a wonder that guys are embarrassed at youth and the ability to get a great hard on when ED is around the corner for so many. I speak from experience. Oh, how I'd love to pop a boner and maybe a small stream of precum in the sauna/steam room/spa.
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    How old were you when you started to wear a jock

    The guy in our school with the biggest hanging cock was also our best gymnast. I can still recall his bulge in his tights as he swung on the rings...
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    Regular Jockstraps/Athletic Supports In Stores

    I used to buy them at a store that is closed now I think. Also, Academy Sports and Outdoors carried them years ago, but I couldn't find them last time I looked. I bought off of Amazon,, and most recently at Jockstrap Central.
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    Regular Jockstraps/Athletic Supports In Stores

    Dittos...I had to buy online.
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    Penis as Art

    Very, very handsome cock and bod.
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    Comment by 'Kenj1947' in media '20201011_062113.jpg'

    Nice equipment and ass, too!
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    Laundry and care of your collection

    I have washed my newest jock a couple of times. Now I'm resisting the normal...lots of sweat on it from working in the yard. Working on getting a couple of loads on it now. No wash...
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    Jockstrap at a Physical

    I wear jocks regularly, but today I wore one to my cardiologist appointment. However, I didn't think that there wouldn't be a reason to take my shorts down. I only had to lift my shirt to take the EKG. Bummer.
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    Sleeping in a Jockstrap

    God created woman for man. God told Adam to enjoy her. After the first night, Adam was overjoyed as he told God what happened that night. After the second morning, Adam had to ask God, "What is a headache?"
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    Sleeping in a Jockstrap

    Used to all the time, but with my wife.
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    Sleeping in a Jockstrap

    The same here for over 30 years
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    1000 Members! We did it!

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    Gardening Outside

    I felt the same way the first time several years ago when I started sunbathing nude on my patio in the backyard.
  18. Me in My Omtex

    Me in My Omtex

    Just me.