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February 26
Location (enter city)
West Palm Beach, FL, United States
What do you love about jockstraps?
Love guys wearing jocks. Very masculine, revealing, but still leaves enough to the imagination.
Favorite Styles of Jockstraps
  1. Sport Jockstraps
  2. Fashion Jockstraps
  3. Fetish Jockstraps
  4. Vintage Jockstraps
  5. Erotic Jockstraps
Favorite Jockstrap Brands
Nasty Pig, cellblock 13, Breedwell
How many jocks do you own?
Over 200
What is your favorite jock?
Nasty Pig, black and red
First Jockstrap?
Do you trade jocks?
Sexual Orientation
Kink or Fetish?
Anything but blood or scat.
Favorite Movies?
Star Wars, Matrix series


Jock lover and
Partner to @Toddwpb


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