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Hello! Nice to meet everyone!

My name is Nick, been a fan of jockstraps/thongs, and underwear for many years now, and I’m still a virgin at the age of 30. I’m 5’4, Midwest born and raised. Im a nerd, love astrology. My sign is a Scorpio, im left handed, and im Irish/Mexican. I do watch some sports, but mainly a pro wrestling fan. Favorite wrestler is Jeff Hardy. I Collect things as well. For example, statues of anime characters, sci-fi characters, and Pokémon. I have a magic the gathering collection as well.
Nov 5, 1993 (Age: 30)
Location (enter city)
Kansas City, Missouri,United States
What do you love about jockstraps?
I love how the enhance all the right features of a man. Ass, bulge, and body
Favorite Styles of Jockstraps
  1. Sport Jockstraps
Favorite Jockstrap Brands
Goldberg probably
How many jocks do you own?
I have 5
What is your favorite jock?
I don’t have one yet
First Jockstrap?
Evolve jockstrap red/black
Do you trade jocks?
Sexual Orientation
Kink or Fetish?
Bondage, chastity, underwear, leather, spanking, gags/masks, dom/sub
Mail processing clerk
Magic the gathering, cooking, reading, going on adventures, traveling, eating, watching movies/anime, and coloring
Favorite Movies?
The Dark Knight, Avengers Endgame, and most of the Godzilla films
Favorite Music / Musicians:
Favorite Sports
Favorite Food?
Anything seafood


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