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Orange Gym jockstrap and black Bandelettes

Forgive the scattered upload order. Sort by date modified etc would be nice.

Santa brought me something to strap up with and to protect my inner thighs before I went to the gym. I had a sliver of striped orange waistband for the gym dudes to peek on. The bandelettes on the upper leg are a good conceot, and did keep my thighs from chafing on each other. though sliding down was a small issue. I do think I might have liked the size down better and not have to tug it up so much. A tightening set of stitches or safety pin test should be run to see Maybe even a hockey sock garter if I can find with that'll go short enough . spandex poly with grippy silicone bands on top and bottom. they make lacier ones besides the unisex. Fell asleep in my gear, had left my junk to the side if the pouch first so I tucked that morning wood back in the pouch to fully enjoy it. that pouch feels softer than my older black Gym jockstraps but could just be newness maybe. That 2XL waistband of the orange was a happy medium between the XL and the 2XL of the black variation. Got an email reply confirming that all the colors including the newer green and orange except the black share the same band thickness and strength. Pouch felt longer, or relaxed anyways but not sure.
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