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XO Athletic Supporters

(2003 to present)


XO Athletic (USA)


The brand X0 Athletic was founded in 2003 - XO's ongoing mission is to create truly innovative sports protection/sports medicine products for weekend warriors to professional athletes.

X0 established itself in sports protection behind it's patented flex-sided X0 ProCup introduction in 2003.

Just found out from a visitor to this website that XO Athletic has recently been bought out by Shock Doctor. From Shock Doctor's website:

XO Athletic established itself in sports protection behind its patented flex-sided XO ProCup in 2003. XO later pioneered advances in athletic cups with 2Shot molding for comfort, along with Teen and PeeWee sizes for proper fit and protection. Today, the company continues to develop extensions of their patented technologies to provide new and innovative products for athletes of all ages.

"Our vision is to be the #1 choice for athletes around the world who demand performance products by providing the most technologically advanced gear on the market" said Tony Armand, President and CEO of Shock Doctor Sports, "We are excited to continue to work with the Landi's in the development of new and innovative sports protection products."

The acquisition of XO Athletic, combined with the patents and technology already under the Shock Doctor portfolio allows us to continue innovating the category." XO Founders, Jim and Mike Landi commented, "Shock Doctor is the leader in mouthguard innovation and enjoys a very strong position in the broader category of performance and protective gear. The fact that we will have access to Shock Doctor's technology and distribution channels can only enhance the XO brand."


Athletic Supporters

Although you can find older all white XO athletic supporters in various sports stores, on the XO website, there's only a very modern looking supporter that is designed to be worn with or without their pantented ProCup.


Click here for the XO Athletic website


XO Jockstrap
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XO Jockstrap with cup
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XO Jockstrap with cup
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XO Jockstrap with cup
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XO Pro Jock
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XO Pro Jockstrap
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