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Skivies Jockstraps

(1996 to present)


Skivies Inc. (USA)


Although the story starts in 1996 with a company called Microlite Corporation, it wasn't until 2000 that founder of Microlite wrote a business plan for Skivies.com. In the summer of 2000 the Skivies website officially launched and run out of two bedroom apartment in downtown Blacksburg, Virginia with it's own Skivies brand of underwear.

Today, along with the Skivies brand, 22 other brands are carried on the Skivies website as well as warehousing and shipping for nearly a dozen other brands and businesses.


Fashion Jockstraps

Skivies is all about stylish comfort jockstraps that are perfect as everyday underwear with all the modern jockstrap features you'd expect like contoured pouches and comfort padded and plushed elastics.


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Skivvies Jockstrap
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Skivies Jockstrap
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