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Rufskin Jockstraps

(2002 to present)


Rufskin (USA)


Founded in 2002 in San Diego, California by partners Hubert Pouches and Douglas Coats. The duo met during the early '90s in Paris, France when Pouches, who had cut his fashion teeth working for Parisian labels Bernard Perris and Courreges, owned a men's modeling agency and Coats was one of his fashion models. They pooled their talents and passions and started Rufskin.


Fashion Jockstraps

Rufskin, with their fashion backgrounds, produce jockstrap and underwear with high-end fabrics and innovative fit and construction.


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Rufskin Jockstrap
#2283: Rufskin Jockstrap
06-14-13 11:12 am
Rufskin Jockstrap
#1938: Rufskin Jockstrap
02-14-13 12:28 pm
Rufskin Jockstrap
#1788: Rufskin Jockstrap
01-18-13 6:10 pm
Ruffskin Jockstrap
#1197: Ruffskin Jockstrap
10-11-12 2:10 pm
Rufskin Jock
#1185: Rufskin Jock
10-10-12 5:14 pm
Rufskin Jockstrap
#1184: Rufskin Jockstrap
10-10-12 5:13 pm
Rufskin Stretch Denim Jock
#821: Rufskin Stretch Denim Jock
08-10-12 1:05 pm
Black Rufskin Jockstrap
#69: Black Rufskin Jockstrap
04-30-12 4:43 pm