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Renoma Jockstraps

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Renoma (France)


Forerunners of the "yé-yé" style in the early 60's, Maurice and Michel Renoma became the favourite designers of show business celebrities and young people thirsting for innovation. On October 23rd, 1963, Renoma store opened its doors in Paris under the mythical name of "White House". Their creations caused a sensation: they launched a "Made in India" collection using silk, satin and mirror fabric. Renoma suits revolutionized fashion.

Today, his brand is present all over the world. He multiplied his partnerships abroad and laid the foundations of his Japanese empire in Tokyo, then moving to Korea and Singapore.


Fashion Jockstraps

Based on the photos submitted, Renoma Jockstraps look like comfortable fashion jockstraps.


Renoma Jockstrap
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Renoma Jockstrap
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