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Jockey Jockstraps

(1876 to present)


Jockey International (USA)


In 1876, Samuel Thrall Cooper founded S.T. Cooper & Sons, the predecessor of Jockey International, Inc. Samuel Cooper started his hosiery business in St. Joseph, Michigan to help lumberjacks who were suffering from their poor quality socks which laid Jockey's foundation for "Satisfying the Human Need for Comfort."By 1878, S.T. Cooper & Sons was producing nearly 2,500 pairs of seamless stockings each day. Over the next 25 years, Cooper's sons (Charles, Henry and Willis) became skilled in the business. In 1897, they introduced the Black Cat brand of hosiery for men, women & children, and in 1898, the brothers moved the company and eventually moved the company into an ambitious new direction - Men's Underwear.

In 1900, the brothers incorporated as the Cooper Underwear Company and began producing White Cat underwear.The new Cooper Underwear Company mill, which manufactured White Cat union suits, was completed in 1902. This location still serves as the longtime headquarters of Jockey International, Inc.

Arthur Kneibler was hired by Cooper Underwear in 1928 to head its sales and marketing team. In 1934, Arthur Kneibler received a post card from the French Riviera showing a man in a bikini style swimsuit. This simple postcard inspired the creation of the one and only Jockey brief.


Fashion Jockstrap, Sports Jockstrap

Jockey produces comfort jockstraps geared for everyday use as well as sports many with double walled pouches and their trademarked Coolmax fabric. Only one style, the Active Cool Performance jockstrap seems to be in production at the moment.


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Jockey Jockstrap
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Jockey Performance Jockstrap
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Jockey Performance
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Jockey Jockstrap
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